On September 11th and 12th, Go Oak Cliff will once again highlight the potential of a city block in historic Oak Cliff in an experiment that’s part art installation, part political statement. This time we’ll focus on the pre-war block of Davis between Clinton and Edgefield. The site is home to some of the area’s beautifully formed commercial buildings, but with time, has been retrofitted to a less humane environment due to the advent of smaller sidewalks and wider streets. Team Go OC will return the block to its original people-friendly environment by reclaiming street space with outdoor seating, landscaping, pocket parks, art and more, along with adding a series of pop-up businesses. Both new and existing businesses are celebrating this prospect with unique happenings at locations throughout the block. The project is part of the Blues, Bandits & BBQ festival and CRAVE art exhibit, and will connect the two events together.

Our previous Better Block project made national headlines, and is now being modeled throughout the country as a way for community’s to create real-time “demonstration zones”, and to help residents promote change within their own city governments.  This time, we’ve received a helping hand from SWA Group, a major landscape architecture firm based in Downtown Dallas. Our teams walked the street to identify areas of opportunity and have come up with a series of changes that we hope can be made permanent at a later date. Inspired by San Francisco’s Walklet project, we’ll also be introducing a series of decking projects into parking spaces, using re-salvaged pallet wood, and other found materials. Gary Buckner explains in greater detail here:

Gary Buckner explains part of the Better Block Buildout (YouTube link)

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