Surely you’ve heard that Taqueria El Si Hay at 601 West Davis has some of the best tacos in Dallas, but if you’ve never stepped around to the right side of their small building to try the elotes, you’re really missing out on a treat.

Elotes is the Spanish word for corn, and a typical cup of elotes includes hot corn, sour cream, cheese, plenty of butter, and a splash of hot sauce. I’ve tried elotes at a handful of other stands around the hood and am comfortable stating that the El Si Hay elotes is in a class of it’s own. I’m going to credit their commitment to using real butter (and not the squeeze margarine that some of the other carts use) as one of the key flavor differentiators.

The other notable thing about the El Si Hay elotes guy is his speed. There’s almost always a line waiting for corn, so I decided in the interest of science to video his process and document the speed and efficiency. Coming in just under 45 seconds, it’s got to be the fastest and best tasting cup of corn around. Each cup is $2.50 and it’s a cash-only operation. You can thank me later for this tip.