In case you didn’t get enough BBQ at our first annual Blues, Bandits and BBQ event a few weeks ago, the announcement that a second BBQ restaurant is getting ready to open in North Oak Cliff is bringing carnivores around North Texas to the edge of their seats.

Jill Bergus, one of the partners in the new restaurant confirmed that Lockhart Smokehouse should be open at 400 West Davis (the old Grill 400 location, or more recently Casa Blanca) by the first of the year. What makes this announcement even more exciting is the connection this Oak Cliff restaurant has to Lockhart, Texas – also known as the BBQ capital of Texas. Turns out that Bergus’ grandmother married Edgar Schmidt, who owned the famous Kruez Market in Lockhart from 1948 until he sold it to his sons in the mid 80’s. (This may not sound like a big deal to you if you aren’t a BBQ fan, but trust us… this is a big deal!)

So not only does Jill come from a good Texas BBQ family, but her Lockhart Smokehouse will be the exclusive distributor of Kreuz Market sausage in the Dallas area.

Plans to get the space ready for business are already underway, and are expected to include major renovations to the interior of the restaurant. The exterior received a fresh coat of red paint in the last 24 hours and a custom Bewley Smoker is being built.

Between Lockhart Smokehouse and Luckies Smokehouse moving into the neighborhood, it sounds like North Oak Cliff is going to be quite the destination for BBQ in Dallas.

As we have more details, we’ll be sure to pass them along!