Lockhart Smokehouse Coming To Bishop Arts District

Oct 06, 2010 22 Comments by

In case you didn’t get enough BBQ at our first annual Blues, Bandits and BBQ event a few weeks ago, the announcement that a second BBQ restaurant is getting ready to open in North Oak Cliff is bringing carnivores around North Texas to the edge of their seats.

Jill Bergus, one of the partners in the new restaurant confirmed that Lockhart Smokehouse should be open at 400 West Davis (the old Grill 400 location, or more recently Casa Blanca) by the first of the year. What makes this announcement even more exciting is the connection this Oak Cliff restaurant has to Lockhart, Texas – also known as the BBQ capital of Texas. Turns out that Bergus’ grandmother married Edgar Schmidt, who owned the famous Kruez Market in Lockhart from 1948 until he sold it to his sons in the mid 80’s. (This may not sound like a big deal to you if you aren’t a BBQ fan, but trust us… this is a big deal!)

So not only does Jill come from a good Texas BBQ family, but her Lockhart Smokehouse will be the exclusive distributor of Kreuz Market sausage in the Dallas area.

Plans to get the space ready for business are already underway, and are expected to include major renovations to the interior of the restaurant. The exterior received a fresh coat of red paint in the last 24 hours and a custom Bewley Smoker is being built.

Between Lockhart Smokehouse and Luckies Smokehouse moving into the neighborhood, it sounds like North Oak Cliff is going to be quite the destination for BBQ in Dallas.

As we have more details, we’ll be sure to pass them along!


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Rob has lived in North Oak Cliff for 7 years and has eaten at nearly every taco stand in the area during that time. He also was a founder of CliffDweller Magazine and has served on the boards of the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce and the Texas Theatre.

22 Responses to “Lockhart Smokehouse Coming To Bishop Arts District”

  1. John A says:

    What’s better than having one BBQ place within riding distance of my house? TWO BBQ places within riding distance of my house! Thanks for the heads up, this just made my day.

    I salivate with anticipation!

  2. Syed says:

    Please ask Jill to make an all beef sausage for her Muslim clients.

  3. Albert says:


  4. Jim Lake says:

    Great move Amanda….thanks for bringing them to Bishop Arts!

  5. Juan C. Contreras says:

    Such a diversity of food in hood! Good news, as I was getting tired of driving out of my way to get some not so good BBQ.

  6. mikey says:

    Wish more could be done to the exterior, that building is such an eyesore especially being at the “gateway” to BAD.

  7. George says:

    I’m so happy.

  8. Will says:

    Whaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m gitty!!

  9. jules says:

    a sausage fest – yipppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeee!

  10. Lockhart BBQ Coming to Bishop Arts | SideDish says:

    […] time? It’s barbeque courtesy of Lockhart Smokehouse, opening in the former Casa Blanca space. Go Oak Cliff has all the details. tweetmeme_url = […]

  11. Twinwillow says:

    @mikey: Be thankful (I know you probably are). With BBQ, it’s what’s inside the building not, outside.

  12. Les Hall says:

    That space is like a bunker. Here’s what they should do….

    Knock down the walls at the corner and have a patio type space there – like Cafe Brazil across the road. Don’t know what the architectural term for it is.

    Although I’m usually agin airy fairy stuff in this case they really need to fix the Feng Shui of that joint.

    Apart from that it sounds fantastic. All we need now is an Indian restaurant and I need never cross the river.

  13. Anthony says:

    I have been going to Lockhart for sausage since I was a kid and all our extended family too. I dont know who found this Barbacue jewel in my family years ago but they have the best Darn Sausage I have ever eaten. And I grew up in a small town in west Texas built by German immigrants and one of our major events is the Annual German Sausage Festival in which I have actually helped in making through the years. I am sooo glad to see that being built in Oak Cliff.

  14. veronica says:

    the real question is…how many places has that place been.
    i hope this one sticks…

    i remember some crazy cafe back in the late 90’s early 2000s…

  15. Don says:

    I can’t believe I will only have to drive 30 minutes to enjoy what I’ve had to drive 3 1/2 hours for before. I had the good fortune of feasting on the Holy Grail of Texas BBQ while spending every summer with my grandparents in Lockhart. Of course, it’ll be tough to replicate the atmosphere of open pit smoking and no frills ambiance of Kruez Market. If they’re able to bring the same excellence to North Oak Cliff, it’ll be a slam dunk success. I can’t wait!

  16. Arlene says:

    That’s great we also make the 3 1/2 trip at least three times a year to get sausage and eat there.

  17. BBQ says:

    Sat, 2-5-11 1:00PM order ½ lb. brisket receive ¾ lb. meat is tough but has a good smoky flavor would have been very good if allowed to cook 2 more hours
    (1 owner professional chief? 1 owner trained at the Mecca of BBQ Lockhart?)15 bucks a pound could have trimmed fat off and cooked till tender.
    Watched them slicing ribs while we waited in line ordered 2 ribs when it came our turn when he brought them over to be weight they were 2 giant ribs don’t know where he found them but they were nothing like we saw them cutting when we were waiting in line They had good flavor but tough I have never had anything that tough at the chain BBQ places (professional?) Ribs cost me $ 4.44 a piece????
    Ordered the shoulder clod it came out red like prime rib not what I am used to or what they serve at Lockhart but it was very good tender and smoky really enjoyed it.
    Had 2 links of original sausage we loved them thought they were excellent just like Kreuz (which was were they came from) but at $5.00 a link? I think they are $2.35 at Lockhart
    Had 2 small bags of chips cost us $4.00 bucks could have cooked us some fries for that
    We spent $50.00 for 3 adults (2 Women) to eat (2 of us drank water) in a bad part of town when I spend this kind of money I expect way more than I got save your money go to an area where your family is safe and just eat at 1 of the chain restaurants and the next time your thru Lockhart stock up on sausage This place wont see us a 2nd time.

  18. robshearer says:

    Wow – @BBQ… I can understand if you didn’t like the food, or if you didn’t like the prices, but your criticism of the neighborhood seems pretty uninformed. Bishop Arts isn’t like the suburbs, but we tend to think that’s what makes it great. It is completely safe, however, and is the hottest restaurant district in North Texas right now.

    If you are opting for a chain restaurant to get the best bang for your buck then you’re clearly missing the charm of Oak Cliff. We like the fact that we don’t have many chains and while we know it doesn’t appeal to everyone we’re proud of what Oak Cliff has to offer.

  19. David Dunnigan says:

    Had the great good fortune to lunch this week at what will be a shrine to BBQ.

    And this was An Event! I was tagging along with the grandson of the founder of Kruez’ (Ed Williams) in 1900 and Roy Appleton from the Morning News. Jill and husband Jeff (and their youngest) were there and, along with Tim, introduced us to a suculent collection of everything on the menu — including sides. All that and my Dr Pepper put me in heaven. We even got a tour of the kitchen. And that’s special, too. The oven was hand built in Deep Elm. Quite a story in itself.

    As a pretty serious devote, having grown up on Red Bryan’s, Sonny Bryan’s and Baker’s Rib, I must say I’m embarrased that I never got to Lockhart. But now Lockhart has come to us. And what a treat it is. Go. Eat. Enjoy.

  20. Nancy says:

    We ate there last night and thought it was great. Wonderful brisket, jalapeno sausage was perfect taste and texture and I love the deviled eggs! We spent 24 dollars and have enough leftovers for dinner tonight. The only thing that’s a little wonky is having to walk to the back for service,but maybe that’s just the problem with the building. Now that I know the layout, I will be back and will be bringing friends.

  21. Butterbean says:

    The BBQ was okay, but I do miss having sauce available. I also don’t like eating off of a brown paper wrapping.

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