There was an announcement today from Sylvan Thirty that Duncanville based, family owned grocer Cox Farms Market will anchor the development project at the corner of Sylvan and Ft. Worth Avenue.  And while the post we made on Facebook quickly gathered cheers of support, we thought it might be worthwhile to take the 10 mile drive down to Duncanville to see what Cox Farms Market is like.

The Duncanville location presumably won’t look much like the Sylvan Thirty location, primarily because they didn’t benefit from a Lake Flato designed space. Set at the back of a parking lot along Main Street, Cox Farms Market looks like a slightly smaller version of a Sprouts or New Flower/ Sun Flower market. And the similarities inside are pretty close as well.

Produce takes at least 40% of the floor space, with what appeared to be an emphasis on seasonal produce. (Although the canteloupes and watermelons made it clear that they’re still shipping fruit and veggies in.) Small hand written signs indicate the pricing on the produce and also notes the country of origin. My quick scan seemed to indicate quite a bit of American produce with a mix of produce from Mexico.

The remainder of the store is shelves and cold storage, including a collection of Amy’s frozen food that would rival any Whole Foods. And yes, that appears to be a Tofurky pizza.

The meat selection seemed to be all frozen, but included some nice looking local ground beef, some cold cuts, and some seafood.

And there were a few rows of bulk food as well as several aisles of vitamins and supplements.

Pricing seemed pretty competitive. A 5 pound bag of Russet Potatoes was on sale for 99 cents, red leaf lettuce was $1.98 per head, and a 2 pound bag of organic carrots was $1.99. A gallon of Horizon organic milk was $4.99. In general this looks like a welcome addition to the grocery options in North Oak Cliff – certainly providing lots of options that you can’t find at Tom Thumb and that Urban Acres doesn’t quite have the space to stock yet.