Two New Restaurants Landing In Bishop Arts

The Dallas Morning News reported in July about Sarah Lombardi (part of the Lombardi Family Concepts) signing a lease for the old Oak Cliff Mercantile building across 7th Street from Oddfellows. Then came reports that the signing of the lease included the small building that currently houses El Padrino. So when signs went up in the windows this week, it became a little more clear what is planned for the space.

The old Oak Cliff Mercantile space will still be called the Oak Cliff Mercantile, and the tagline on the sign says, “eatery, taproom & commons”. Perhaps more interestingly, the growing national hot dog craze seems to have landed in Oak Cliff, as it appears they will convert the Padrino space into Dog House, featuring hot dogs and frozen custard. Sounds similar to the ever popular Wild About Harry’s on Knox, but should be an interesting addition to Bishop Arts.

TABC permits have been filed, but it doesn’t appear that any construction has begun to convert the Mercantile space into a restaurant.

6 thoughts on “Two New Restaurants Landing In Bishop Arts

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