Ok, maybe it’s a French version of a street brawl – the French aren’t really known for advocating violence. Go Oak Cliff is excited to announce that the list of chefs for the first annual Bastille on Bishop mussel cook-off has been finalized. Marc Cassel – Park Graham Dodds – Bolsa Randal Copeland – AVA […]


There were so many strongly worded comments to our last post regarding the new concept from the folks at Bolsa that we decided to talk directly with Chris Jeffers and Chris Zilke to get their reaction on our readers reaction to the Los Dos Chrises taco idea. We at Go Oak Cliff acknowledge upfront that […]


What do you get when you cross one successful restaurant owner with a handful of successful neighborhood activists? We don’t have all the details, but we do know that Eno’s founder Matt Spillers has partnered with neighborhood ne‘er-do-wells Jason and Andrea Roberts and Eric and Amy Cowan to open a restaurant concept in the former […]

Taco Diner 2

So I was minding my own business Sunday afternoon along with my favorite Oak Cliff hatmaker trying to recover from the fun we had at Brew Riot on Saturday night. We had grand plans to bike over to Burguesa to sample La Monumental (and review it here for you) but sadly they are closed on […]


It’s always sad to see a retail or restaurant close, and the closing of the Bishop Arts location of Cafe Madrid recently is no different. Yet it seemed from the beginning that this particular location struggled to attract a fraction of the following that their Travis Walk location attracted. There were several times that I […]