Become a 2019 Sponsor

Reach the neighborhood in ways only Go Oak Cliff can.

Becoming a sponsor for Go Oak Cliff isn’t about simply slapping your logo on an email. Sponsorship with us is about building a deeper relationship with the neighborhood by showcasing who you are and the captivating stories your business has to tell.

Throughout the year, we will feature you in our communication channels and work with you to identify unique stories and suggest the best way to tell them to our audience—the best, most passionate neighborhood in Dallas.

Featured below you’ll read about some of the more specific commitments we make to our sponsors, and see a use case showcasing some of the work we’ve done with Garnish Kitchen.

Further down you can check out our 2019 pricing structure.

Sponsorship Storytelling

Go Oak Cliff consists of a group of talented volunteers and we source skills from the neighborhood. We have a group of experts who do marketing and communications for a living, and who love using their skills for the good of the community.

For Bastille Day 2018, we featured Chef Aaron Hubbard from Garnish Kitchen, in a suite of content that included:

• A feature on our stories website (which you can check out by clicking the image of Chef Aaron)

• A suite of photography from the featured story, for Garnish Kitchen to use

• A pre-event live stream (shown below)

• A featured top spot in our email newsletter to thousands

Go beyond email and signage.

Email and signage are still important, and as a sponsor, you will be given prime real estate for each marquee Go Oak Cliff event.

But we won’t stop there, and sponsors deserve more.

In our work with Garnish Kitchen, the ideal Bastille Day integration wasn’t hard to find. We approached Chef Aaron about giving us a crêpes lesson.

This execution met several goals:

  1. It was highly visual, and went beyond simply calling out Garnish Kitchen as a Bastille Day vendor & sponsor.

  2. It accomplished Garnish Kitchen’s goal of showing off its classes (which you can sign up for here), and it accomplished Go Oak Cliff’s goal of spreading the word about Bastille Day, in a unique way.

  3. The cuisine chosen was relevant to Garnish Kitchen’s on-site presence. Chef Aaron and Co. made both sweet and savory crêpes at Bastille Day.

Even better, timing for all of these things was minimal. Here was the process:

  1. Emailed to pitch the idea.

  2. Once approved, we worked on scheduling and ironing out the details (location, blocking, and lighting).

  3. Facebook Live happened on a Saturday morning in June. We did a run-through, and the entire process end-to-end was 45 minutes.

  4. Photography session happened two weeks later, on a weekday evening. That took only an hour or so.

  5. Story was written and posted to our website in early July, and included in July’s newsletter and on Go Oak Cliff social media.

  6. Story received its own featured email, as well.

  7. Photos were sent to Chef Aaron for usage on the company’s social channels.


Event Integration

We’ll source for you the best event partners, decorations companies, and consult to bring your on-premise game up more than a few notches.

In 2019, your sponsorship comes with an optional event stipend. What does that mean? A portion of your sponsorship dollars will go exclusively to your event space, tailored to the event’s theme.

2019 Sponsorship Pricing

Active dates:
January 1 - December 31, 2019


(1 available)

  • One (1) seat on the Go Oak Cliff Board for duration of sponsorship

  • Headline sponsorship for all marketing, events, and signage

  • Inclusion at footer of 12 monthly newsletters, and event emails (at least 3 per event),

  • Four (4) Story Features (one per quarter, includes photo sessions),

  • Marquee event space at each event,

  • Event stipend included for all events.

(10 available)

  • Logo inclusion in all marketing and signage,

  • Inclusion at footer of 12 monthly newsletters, and event emails (at least 3 per event),

  • Two (2) story features (two per year, includes photo sessions),

  • Event stipend included for one (1) event of sponsor's choice (add'l $2,500 event stipend can be purchased, if desired).

(20 available)

  • Logo inclusion in all marketing and signage,

  • Inclusion at footer of 12 monthly newsletters, and event emails (at least 3 per event),

  • Event stipend NOT included (+$2,500, can be added while availability lasts, per event).