Volunteers are the energy that powers all Go Oak Cliff events, and it's important how we treat each other and our guests. Your knowledge, your presence, what you say, and how you say it can make or break an event-goer's experience.


Volunteer check-in will be at the registration desk located on the south side of 7th St and N Bishop Ave.
Event hours are 6:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

  • First shift check-in: 4:30 p.m. (shift ends at 8:00 p.m.)
  • Second shift check-in: 8:00 p.m. (shift ends at 12:00 p.m.)

The first shift begins before the event start time to enable the event to start strong! A 30-minute overlap period is baked in to allow for proper shift transition. Please do not be late for your shift--your fellow volunteers are depending on you!

Bastille on Bishop is a rain or shine, all-outdoor event. Please consider bringing a rain coat or other protective gear for you. Most volunteers will be under tents but you may have to walk around during part of your shift. 



Go Oak Cliff volunteers are ambassadors for the neighborhood. We all work hard to keep Oak Cliff unique and progressive, while respecting its history.

Here are some basic rules of engagement:

  1. Represent the neighborhood. As a volunteer, you should treat every neighbor like family, and leave every guest wondering why they don't live in Oak Cliff.
  2. Help one another. Demonstrate hospitality by searching for a solution, whether you're helping a stranger or aiding a fellow volunteer.
  3. Smile! As a volunteer, when you're having a good festival experience, chances are so is everyone else. Every interaction should be handled with grace, charisma, and a little bit of that Oak Cliff attitude.
  4. Be on theme. Wear your volunteer shirts, but please don't let that keep you from dressing up or playing your part in transforming Bishop Arts into a Parisian oasis.
  5. Use this landing page as a resource! Bookmark this page, since it will be updated periodically with volunteer schedules, contact information, and event layout.


Neighborhood notoriety might get you far, but you deserve more than fame for dedicating your time to Oak Cliff. Bastille on Bishop volunteers receive the following perks:

 • First shift workers each receive a glass and four tokens to be used during the second half of Bastille.
 • Second shift workers receive free admission for two to a future Go Oak Cliff event.
 • All shift workers receive a high quality volunteer t-shirt.



Ah, the way in. This is the area where anticipation is building, and where there's the most opportunity for people to get confused. People will redeem based on their purchases (not by last name, as in years past).

Our lines will be divided in the following way:

• Orders of one glass and two tokens go to one line.

• Orders of one glass and four tokens go to another line.

• Orders of one glass and five tokens, and multiple orders go to yet another line.

• New orders will go to the last line, which is anticipated to be the longest line.

New Orders: Please instruct anyone who doesn't have a glass or tokens pre-purchased, to purchase by phone on Prekindle before getting into the new order line. Cash will not be accepted at the front.

All Lines should also serve as ID checks for those who picked up glasses and tokens early. If you see someone with a glass and tokens, and they're standing in your line, that means they need a wristband. Please check their ID to ensure they are 21+, and then provide them with a wristband. You should have wristbands at all registration stations.

Check-in Management: All of our ticket sales go through Prekindle. Only the new registration line will be interacting with an active Prekindle list (tokens and t-shirts will, too, but that's beyond registration). The pre-sale list effectively closes Friday evening at 10:00 p.m., to give us time to organize and ensure all of the lists are good to go. There will be printed copies of each list, which you are free to use. Otherwise, they are there as a contingency if technology goes down. If you have a power bank and plan to use your device to check people in, please bring it with you!



Every year, we expect long alcohol lines. This year to help keep things moving, each bar will be queued into one line per bar, with bartenders acting as stations. When a bartender is ready for the next person, you can encourage the next person to go get a drink. There should be a bit of distance between the queue and the bar, to easily tell when somebody is done. In order to create a better user experience, please try and memorize the drink menu, or carry one with you as you manage the line. Engage the guests in conversation and casually help familiarize them with the menu.

How are we driving? Please provide us with feedback after the event has concluded. You are Oak Cliff, and you are appreciated!

Primary Event Contacts

Alison Matis

(202) 657-5747

Sarah Wright

(972) 213-7433

Scott Henry

(214) 693-6237