An IBCA-certified fall festival that celebrates the blues in the place that raised Stevie Ray Vaughn, while crowning the Best BBQ Champions in town!

Next up: Friday, Nov. 1 - Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019 


Congratulations to all of the 2018 Blues, Bandits, & BBQ winners!

Thank you to all cookers, musicians, vendors, and attendees for bundling up and banding together.

Here are your BBQ winners:


1. Smoke 30 BBQ (Danny McGuiness, Head Cook)
2. Sir Smokes-A-Lot (Dale Brock, Head Cook)
3. Big Sexy BBQ (Tim Rome, Head Cook)


1. Smoke 30 BBQ (Danny McGuiness, Head Cook)
2. Meat Sweats (David Mooney, Head Cook)
3. Chad Herman (Chad Herman, Head Cook)


1. Smoke 30 BBQ (Danny McGuiness, Head Cook)
2. Meat Sweats (David Mooney, Head Cook)
3. 3Bar BBQ (Brett Lochridge, Head Cook)

People's Choice Winner - Meat Sweats (David Mooney, Head Cook)

Congratulations especially to Smoke 30 BBQ. Our IBCA judging has only witnessed a few trifectas in her years of judging, and this year she added one more to her list!

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About Blues, Bandits and BBQ

Blues, Bandits and BBQ is an annual BBQ competition and Blues festival held in Oak Cliff.

We kick off this event each year with a great music lineup with a nod to Oak Cliff’s history, as this is the birthplace of legends like Stevie Ray Vaughn and T-Bone Walker.

BBQ tasting and voting will follow, with competition winners announced later in the evening. Attendees can purchase a
wristband which includes their samples of the teams’ barbecue, but it also includes one coveted vote in the People’s Choice Competition...

Not eating? Blues, Bandits, and BBQ is free for the public to attend. Vegetarians, as well as well-behaved pets and kids, are welcome!