New Brewery Launches in the Heart of Oak Cliff


Oak Cliff Brewing Co. is proud to announce the grand opening of its tap room and brewery in the heart of Oak Cliff, TX.

Founded by Joel Denton, the location is directly off of the Tyler/Vernon DART stop at Tyler Station–a historic manufacturing building that now serves as a ‘coworking village.’ The tap room contains 10 tap handles which will have 4 of Oak Cliff Brewing Co.’s core beers, plus 6 seasonal and specialty beers, all of which are produced on premises right next door.

“We’re excited to finally be able to share our new space and beer with the Oak Cliff community and greater North Texas,” says founder, Joel Denton. “Our new home at Tyler Station a unique craft beer destination in DFW because of its immediate proximity to the DART rail, which we encourage people to use when visiting the tap room,” he said. “We are also surrounded by a special group of creatives and entrepreneurs who embody the artistic spirit of Oak Cliff.”   

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Director of Brewing Operations, Todd Holder, brings over a decade of brewing experience to the team. Before joining Oak Cliff Brewing Co., Todd served as Head Brewer at Prairie Artisan Ales for 4 years. He then helped launch a brewery in Bangalore, India. In the brewing industry, Todd is well-known for his Imperial Stouts and other barrel-aged specialties. Founder, Joel Denton is thrilled to have him on his team: “With my background in homebrewing, I’ve learned the ins and outs of the brewing process,” he said. “I had always intended on hiring an experienced, professional brewer. But finding Todd–with his demonstrated excellence and reputation in the craft brewing industry–was more than I ever hoped for.”

Oak Cliff Brewing Co. will be officially opening on September 1, 2018, and will be hosting a Grand Opening event that day, which is open to the public. This will be your first opportunity to taste their award-winning beer, The Oak Cliff Black Lager that boasts a subtle roasted coffee flavor and crisp lager character. They will also be offering the first beer of their ‘Sombre’ series–a thick, viscous, Imperial Stout with vanilla and caramel sweetness.

Pictured Left to Right: Todd Holder - Director of Brewing Operations, Joel Denton - Founder and Brewer, Jacob Contreras - Director of Sales

Pictured Left to Right: Todd Holder - Director of Brewing Operations, Joel Denton - Founder and Brewer, Jacob Contreras - Director of Sales


Joel is Oak Cliff native who grew up in Western Park, near Mountain View College. 60 years ago, his grandfather founded a church in Oak Cliff. “My cousins and I grew up in that church, as 3rd generation Oak Cliff natives,” says founder Joel Denton. “My father and uncles followed in their father’s footsteps and became pastors. I became a brewer.”

With a few members of his family, he set out to create “Beer with Roots,” and a brewery that the Oak Cliff community can call its own. “There was really never any question about what it would be called,” he says, “or what the name would be: It was Oak Cliff from the beginning.”


You can join in celebrating the launch of Oak Cliff Brewing Co at their Grand Opening event THIS SATURDAY, September 1, 2018 from 11am until 9pm. The tap room will be open and the brewery will be available for its very first tours. There will also be local food available for anyone interested in grabbing a bite to eat. The address is found below: 

Oak Cliff Brewing Co.
Tyler Station
1300 South Polk Street
Oak Cliff, TX 75224



For more information please email or on find them on the web at

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