The Man Behind Oak Cliff's Grassroots Food Movement

Pictured above: Adam Loew

Pictured above: Adam Loew


Adam Loew has kept a pan in his hands since he was young. He knew early on that cooking was going to be a big part of his life. At age ten, he started experimenting in the kitchen. By age twelve, he was regularly cooking dinner for his family. At fifteen, he was running a kitchen and team at Miami Subs Grill–you know, back then when even fast food was made from scratch. When the time came to go off to college, he turned down a full ride to the University of Florida to attend the culinary school at Johnson and Wales.   

His love for great food led him on wild adventure as a young adult. Along the way, he met nearly all of the famous nascar drivers and golf and tennis professionals. He also met three U.S. Presidents–face-to-face–and handled catering for four of them. While at Ceasar’s Palace, he regularly prepared meals for people like Celine Dion, Elton John, Cher, and Jerry Seinfeld. At age twenty five, when he landed his first ‘Head Chef’ position in Nashville, the Rascal Flatts were his weekly customers.

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Pictured above: Seasoning handcut potato chips in the Grassroots Kitchen

Pictured above: Seasoning handcut potato chips in the Grassroots Kitchen


But Chef Adam won’t bring these stories up. Even if you do a little prying, he’ll probably just shrug it off with a smile. For him, it doesn’t matter who walks through the door: Whoever that person is, they are his guest and he wants to make them feel happy and comfortable. He’s interested in more than a big name or a signature. He wants to watch your reaction as you take your first bite and get immediate feedback on how to make it better.

This grassroots food movement became known as “Pop Up Kitchen Oak Cliff” - do you remember it?

Chef Adam first set up a stand on the corner of Clinton and W Davis in 2015. Every Friday and Saturday for over a year he asked the people passing by: “What are you in the mood for?” He then went to work doing what he’s best at: Creating jaw-dropping culinary experiences and making people happy.

“Where Fresh Food meets the Street!”


It was in this spirit that Grassroots Kitchen was born. It’s not a flashy restaurant building. When you look in from the outside, you’ll get one impression. But come in and sit down. Feel the personal comfort– the same as if you were walking into someone’s home. Adam and his wife, Thania, will likely be there to greet you themselves with a smile.

Then pick something from their core menu, which is best described as an assortment of, “comfort food from around the world.” Or, if you want, try today’s special. It was largely determined by what guests are asking for lately.

Lately, it’s chicken and dumplings. In fact, this past go around was the third time he’s made this dish based on popular demand. Track his latest progress on instagram and cast your vote for this week’s special!

Either way, if you haven’t made your way over to Adam’s Grassroots Kitchen, make time to do it. You won’t be disappointed.


Located in Elmwood, Oak Cliff, Grassroots Kitchen prepares comfort food from around the world – all from scratch.

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